All We Need Is One Brave Idea

Forget the lottery, folks, all you need is ONE BRAVE IDEA and you could be the recipient of a $75 million grant.
A consortium of the American Heart Association, Astra-Zeneca and Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences) is  “looking for the bravest idea of all to end coronary heart disease, a leading cause of death in the world.”
You don’t have to be one of the many established, hard-working and highly respected researchers who have been working on this problem for decades, the ONE BRAVE IDEA website tells us:

Physicians, philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, technologists, visionaries, statisticians, gamers, students, tinkerers, and anyone else who may have an idea that’s going to end coronary heart disease and its consequences.
The ONE BRAVE IDEA Award is open to everyone. Regardless of age, professional background, experience or country of residence, you are eligible to apply.
We encourage applications from diverse disciplines

I, for one, look forward to hearing the BRAVE IDEAS that come from the mouths of twelve-year old video gamers and ninety-year old metaphysical philosophers on the subject of coronary artery disease. I’m sure within the decade with such a project the scourge of sudden death and heart attacks that has plagued Western Civilization for the last 50 years will be eliminated.


3 thoughts on “All We Need Is One Brave Idea”

  1. A pill that releases nanobots which enter your blood stream and be directed to those atrial arteries with excessive plaque buildup. Each nanobot takes a small chunk and then works it way to the kidneys so it can be excreted.


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