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The Name For The Nuts Poll: Part Deux

The results of my request for reader input on naming the mixed nuts based on the PREDIMED study I plan to give out to my patients are hot off the presses.
The winner of the pre-specified names was “Pearson’s Health Nuts.”
Second place went to my personal favorite “Dr. P’s Stroke-bustin’ Nuts.
However, readers submitted some suggestions not in the poll:

And I had one patient bring in her suggestion with a design already created!:

and one sketch out her suggestion on what appears to be a post-it note:

I’ll term this heart (symbol)NUTZ in the poll

Consequently, I’m soliciting your input into a revised poll that incorporates some of the newer suggestions.
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There is much excitement here at mixed nut central because the non-fumigated raw almonds have arrived!
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