The Name For The Nuts Poll: Part Deux

The results of my request for reader input on naming the mixed nuts based on the PREDIMED study I plan to give out to my patients are hot off the presses.
The winner of the pre-specified names was “Pearson’s Health Nuts.”
Second place went to my personal favorite “Dr. P’s Stroke-bustin’ Nuts.
However, readers submitted some suggestions not in the poll:
And I had one patient bring in her suggestion with a design already created!:
and one sketch out her suggestion on what appears to be a post-it note:

I’ll term this heart (symbol)NUTZ in the poll

Consequently, I’m soliciting your input into a revised poll that incorporates some of the newer suggestions.

There is much excitement here at mixed nut central because the non-fumigated raw almonds have arrived!
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2 thoughts on “The Name For The Nuts Poll: Part Deux”

  1. Walnuts, are perhaps the overall best. Almonds for those of us who have custom made teeth are difficult to crack even with the hulls removed. Plus as they age they become harder.
    Almondsare good in survival packs for trave
    And pemmican , but demand for this is minor.
    Walnuts supply nearly equal value.
    A lesser value is that with walnuts, I’ve never seen a squirrel at a cardiologist office, although
    You may have. I’ve never seen one that ate almond either come to think of it. I’ve neve
    Seen almond pie, nor walnut pie, but pecan pie
    Is a southern favorite. But I guess with any pie
    A glucose testing device is s must.
    After careful consideration, I choose walnuts purchase at Walmart where I converse with many of my Afib friends, who ate snickers or payday bars with lowly peanuts.


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