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Female Frenchmen Flagrantly Flock To Franklin

Traffic on The Skeptical Cardiologist doubled from 2015 to 2016 despite a significant drop in output in the middle of the year. WordPress provides  its bloggers with statistics on visits and views that are disturbingly  addictive.  For example, people from 160 different countries viewed my blog in 2016 including one from Reunion,  a country with which I was totally unfamiliar. See if you can spot it in this map of EU Oversease Countries and Territories.

After reading  about this tropical island in the Indian Ocean, I’m pondering flying there to frolic on its unique beaches and search for the one Reunion inhabitant who clicked on my blog.
I suspect this Reunionista was directed to my site as were hundreds of Frenchmen (although potentially sexist, the term is gender neutral) one day  in November by this link to my post on examining the heart of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
I have no idea why but if any of my French speaking/reading readers cares to enlighten me I will be eternally grateful. And if any female Frenchmen read this let me know if Samuel Johnson was correct when he said  “A Frenchman must be always talking, whether he knows anything of the matter or not; an Englishman is content to say nothing when he has nothing to say.”


4 thoughts on “Female Frenchmen Flagrantly Flock To Franklin”

    • I probably need to re-read my piece. At one point I planned to write more extensively about FDR’s heart and cardiac care in that time period. The things that I found most remarkable were the lack of 1) Diagnostic tools to let the doctors know what was going on with the heart (e.g. no echocardiograms) and 2)The lack of effective treatments (which we take for granted now) for things as common and deadly as hypertension. Reading about FDR’s case and what was state of the art cardiac care in the 1940s makes one realize how dramatically cardiology diagnosis and treatment has advanced in 70 years.

  1. It loks like a site publishing interesting fact of the day. Byte-size facts perfect for the coffee break. Site seems to be hugely popular in France. Lots of readers talk about his contribution to WW2


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