Skeptical Cardiologist Lowers His Cardiovascular Risk By Marrying The Eternal Fiancee'

The skeptical cardiologist shed his skepticism about marriage today and tied the knot with his Eternal Fiancee’.
This decision was not based on the findings of a recent meta-analysis of 34 studies with more than two million participants that found that that compared with married people, those who were unmarried  ( never married, widowed or divorced)  were 42 percent more likely to have some form of cardiovascular disease and 16 percent more likely to have coronary heart disease.
No, I was not influenced by these observational data which show a 43% increase risk of coronary heart disease death and a 55% increased risk of death from stroke.
Headlines like this from Time magazine:

How Marriage Can Actually Protect Your Heart Health

had no bearing on my decision.
This skeptical cardiologist found the perfect woman for his skeptical ways,
And observations that unmarried patients have longer delays in seeking medical help which influences the timing and benefit of invasive cardiac procedures that reduce mortality played no role in this decision.
Neither did the prospect that a spouse would encourage a more healthy lifestyle and better adherence to treatment nor the buffering hypothesis which suggests that informational or emotional resources from a spouse promote adaptive behaviour and may reduce excessive neuroendocrine response to acute or chronic stressor.
Nope. It was pure and unadulterated love.

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41 thoughts on “Skeptical Cardiologist Lowers His Cardiovascular Risk By Marrying The Eternal Fiancee'”

  1. Congratulations and best wishes for much happiness in your life together. I told you many months ago that wife was a lot fewer letters than her last acronym.

  2. Well done. Congratulations to you both. Been married 55 years. No heart attacks AND no ulcers. All due to a happy marriage? May be.

  3. After 35 happy and supportive years/SAME Wife, it gets easier..
    Golden Rules :- Happy Wife = Happy LIFE, and,
    ‘Never let the sun go down upon your wrath’
    happiness to you both, though She WMBO is better looking !

  4. Congrats! As a devoted disciple of the skeptical cardiologist and one who has been married for 38 years I wish you all the best. ( I’m not sure marriage helped my cardio situation though… : )

  5. Congratulations…what a good decision for you. Having a compatible spouse can add years to your life, but more importantly it adds more joy to your life. Our best to both of you.
    Fred & Nita Meier

  6. Congratulations! I did the same 5 months ago at age 76 after leaving a stroke-inducing marriage a few years ago. Life is good, life is fun- doubly so with a partner.


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