A Set Of Peculiar Security Questions

The skeptical cardiologist has gotten used to answering security questions when establishing online accounts.

My answers to these questions are typically pretty obvious (to me) and easy to retrieve from my overwhelmed brain.

However, recently I was establishing an online account and encountered the following questions:

I was baffled by almost all of these and gave up.

For question #3 I might answer “to discourage online account activation.”

Unquestioningly Yours,


N.B. Some of these questions are worthy of addition to the Proust Questionnaire


8 thoughts on “A Set Of Peculiar Security Questions”

  1. Possibly a backdoor way of conducting a survey of sorts, or perhaps a more nefarious purpose in mind (this info is way too personal to be asking for)…whatever, I am suspicious.

  2. IF someone is playing tricks… if it’s staff/employees then I’d avoid that site as they simply are’nt serious… if it’s a hacking joke (?) then I’d run a mile from such an insecure site.
    If it’s ‘real’, then I’d be wary, as they seem to lack some basic common sense….

  3. You need to chose one of these questions to be used to authenticate you in case you forget your password. Your reply now will be compared with your reply in the future to validate that it is really you. The reply can be anything as long as it is the same and it is supposed to be something private you will remember but impostors won’t know.

  4. I recently had to establish an online account and one of the security questions was “Where do you want to retire to?” Since I am already retired and living where I want to live in retirement, I answered with the name of the town I live in. I later thought that this was probably not a good answer to give, considering that being hacked due to identity theft, thieves would likely already have my home address. The crazy thing being that this was a compulsory question. There were five questions and none were optional! You gotta wonder who it is that designs these inane security procedures

  5. I think the point is that this is information that is unlikely to be available on the dark web.
    Whether it was well thought out is another issue. There are a couple of questions that I could have used.

  6. These questions obviously were dreamed up by a 20 something new hire who doesn’t realize that by the time one has a few decades of more important things to ponder one either doesn’t remember or can’t find any reason to consider these stupid questions.

    • Never seen anything like them and when I went back to that site the next day the questions were back to the standard ones.
      Makes me think somebody was playing tricks.


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