Neil Young’s Harvest Moon Gathering Should Be Awesome

For multiple reasons Neil Young is the skeptical cardiologist’s favorite musician. I love everything he has done from work with Buffalo Springfield to CSNY  to Crazy Horse. His solo work is simply amazing.

I last saw him at the Fabulous Fox Theatre here in St. Louis last summer and at the age of 72 he was still mesmerizing as he ambled from grand piano to acoustic or electric guitar singing in his inimitable and still powerful voice and telling stories behind his brilliant iconic songs like Ohio.

He continues to create relevant and beautiful work to this day. On top of all this he handles his musical catalogue with tremendous integrity. You will not find a Neil Young song in a Bud, Chevy or Uber commercial.

Therefore, when I heard about the benefit concert he was putting on in September I bought tickets even though it was going to be just outside of LA.

I am sadly unable to attend as I could not get out of my hospital  on-call obligations for that weekend .

If any readers are interested in purchasing my two tickets let me know.
Here’s the description:

Neil Young and Norah Jones top the lineup for the inaugural Harvest Moon A Gathering. The benefit concert will be held at the Painted Turtle in Lake Hughes, California on Saturday, September 14.

Father John Misty and Masanga round out the lineup for the 2019 Harvest Moon A Gathering. The daytime concert will feature performances on a grassy hillside with views of the performers, mountains and Lake Hughes at the site, which is nestled near Los Angeles National Forest. Proceeds from the event will benefit both The Painted Turtle, a non-profit providing children living with serious medical conditions a traditional camp experience free of charge, and The Bridge School, which provides free education to children with severe speech and physical impediments.

Each ticket will include an all-star celebrity chef picnic cooked and served by SoCal’s top chefs as well as a beer and wine tasting from select California Breweries and Wineries.

Price is for two tickets. Face value. Concert is sold out.

For many years Neil and Pegi Young put on The Bridge Concert which was an annual benefit for the Bridge School. This was an absolutely awesome outdoor event in Mountain View, CA but the concerts ended after Neil and Pegi divorced.

I was fortunate enough to catch the last one in 2016 and I consider it one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Here are the artists and their setlists.

The crowd at The Bridge School Concert 2016. A wonderfully chill, friendly and happy group. Expect the same at Harvest Moon.
With any luck, the Harvest Moon will be equally exciting.
Skeptically Yours,
Update. It appears I have a buyer.

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    • It’s a good one
      I just retweeted it along with this quote
      Neil Young is trapped in a cycle of second- and third- and fourth-guessing, which is an affliction that is not unique to his brain. To escape from this cycle, he is continually forcing himself back into the moment and then trying to capture that feeling and energy, which is a specific kind of artistic choice. That larger cycle, combined with his magnificent control over his art, is what makes him such a uniquely vital and generative artist, at an age when peers like Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger have become skeletal holograms of their former selves. When he looks back, which is something he did often during our conversations, it is toward the specificity of what some younger version of Neil Young did in a particular moment when he really nailed it.

  1. Way cool!!! I know the Lake Hughes area — it’s not far from where I live. I’m told by local residents there that years ago, Neil Young lived in Three Points, an area next to the Painted Turtle camp. (I watched the Painted Turtle camp being built in its early years, started by the late Paul Newman.) You might want to check out my kid, EllaHarp (, singer-songwriter who LOVES Neil Young’s music. Dawn

  2. i would love to purchase tickets as a gift to my daughter and her fiance on their recent engagement. she had the help of a speech pathologist growing up and i have always loved Neil Young. she lives in santa barbara so would be able to make the concert.


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