Merry Christmas SkepCard Followers!

It was  an incredibly warm  and sunny Christmas Day here in St. Louis.

So warm, in fact, that I experienced the sun’s  rays on thoracic portions of my skin while semi-exercising in Forest Park.

Remarkable! I hope all my readers and patients had a similarly delightful day. There were residual patches of snow so I’m counting this as a white and a warm Christmas.

Do normal people exercise on Christmas or this is insanity?

Serenity Now,



10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas SkepCard Followers!”

  1. Glad to see you’re enjoying the weather this holiday season.
    I hiked a 7 mile trail yesterday to view the Raven Cliffs waterfall in Georgia.
    Since I got a book store gift card from Santa, which book or guide about ingredients/recipes do you recommend for my 2020 MED diet?
    What’s some of your favorites?
    Thanks for your great advice,
    >> Andrew

  2. I do endurance training 3 to 4 times per week every week. August, 2020, will mark 45 years of endurance running up and down the beautiful slopes. Christmas eve I did not run outside. Instead I trained on the incline treadmill for 50 minutes at a 30% gradient and 3.6 mph which is a great workout and a Christmas eve to remember. After doing 50 minutes of incline training I next hit the rowing machine. A great workout with a no pain recovery. Today, I will do a 1 hour slope run outside because it will be a beautiful, sunny and warm day. After training at a 30% gradient every other day, the 16% slope run at 5.5 mph is an easy run to end the week. I remember the first time I began to train at a 30% gradient. I thought: what is this? It was the toughest 6 weeks of training of my entire life. Now, in my opinion incline treadmills with a 30 to 40% gradient are the best machines to do endurance training. Just the best!

  3. We joined you with a brisk 4 mile walk after our very large Christmas brunch. Of course, we live in California where that is not surprising in the middle of winter. All the best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

  4. At 38 degrees Celsius, no thanks. 5 minutes sun exposure for vitamin D production – with zero exercise – was enervating enough, here in Australia !

  5. I can only walk my dog these days due to a back injury, which I did today. But I encouraged my husband to go snowshoeing with friends today as we got 5” of snow in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. He did and was a happy camper. At our ages, we are happy for any and all exercise we can get every day of the year. Merry (late) Christmas to you and yours too!


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