No Matter What Some Public Officials Say, the Message You Need to Hear Is “Stay Home”

I was shocked to read the above titled Pro Publica story just now.

But the subtitle of the article, “Mixed messaging from all levels of government is putting Americans at risk and will speed the spread of the coronavirus. No matter what politicians say, public health experts agree. Stay home, even if you feel fine.” is absolutely correct.

The CDC is likely to tell us officially tomorrow what many experts have been saying for a while: avoid public places. Practice social distancing.

On Sunday morning, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, told CBS’ “Face the Nation,” “Right now, personally, myself, I wouldn’t go to a restaurant.”

“The most important thing is for people to change their daily routines and really reduce their social interactions,” said Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, a former federal and state health official who is now vice dean for public health practice and community engagement for the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.

Cancel parties and visits to nonessential shops.

Feel free to take walks in the park.

Socially Distanced,



3 thoughts on “No Matter What Some Public Officials Say, the Message You Need to Hear Is “Stay Home””

  1. God bless Dr. Fauci. I wince every time I see him standing next to Trump with a pained expression.
    The NY Times published a graph showing my profession (dentistry) right at the top of the risky exposure list. I’m seeing emergency patients and finishing a couple of others up, then I’m closed except for emergencies. The mayor of Jersey City has ordered all non-emergency medical offices closed. We in NYC are probably not far behind.
    Be careful out there, folks!

  2. Dr Pearson Jim & I are doing a stay at home confinement by choice and our daughter is getting our groceries and leaving on the front porch. We felt with Jim’s health it would not be good for him to get the coronavirus. We are in our 70’s and are high risk if we catch this virus..Do you agree with our decision?


    Jim & Linda LeBold


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