Food and The Coronavirus

Marion Nestle at her blog Food Politics has put together an updated and tremendous compendium of information about food during these troubled times.

I’ve quoted it in detail below.

Key points to keep in mind.


To Date There Is No Evidence Of Coronavirus Transmission By Food


See her detailed post on this here.

For produce her recommendation is

To be 100 percent safe while eating fresh produce

Do what you would do in countries without safe water supplies—follow the P rules and only eat foods that are:

  • Piping hot (hot temperatures destroy viruses and other microorganisms)
  • Peeled (wash hands before and after)
  • Purified (cooked and not recontaminated)
  • Packaged (industrially packed, frozen, or dried)

As always, wash hands.

If you have fresh produce, wash it.  When in doubt, cook it.

Avoid Dubious Schemes For Immune Boosting.

I have noticed that the snake oil salesmen are doubling down on their products and promoting all kinds of useless immune supplements  Let the buyer beware-these untested products are as likely to lower your immunity as raise it. 

Grocers Have A  Viable Supply Chain And Are Not Shutting Down

Don’t hoard food and supplies that other people may need

From Marion Nestle:

Does food transmit Coronavirus?  

Keeping up with Coronavirus  

How to survive working at home (watch out for junk food) 

How to take action

Advice for the food industry

  • US lays out new COVID-19 guidelines for food industry  The Trump Administration released a set of coronavirus guidelines for all Americans, with special provisions for critical infrastructure industries like food and beverage. Brands have been adapting this week to the new reality, while keeping employee safety a top priority…. Read more

What’s happening with supermarkets and supply chains?

What to avoid: dubious schemes for immune boosting

Who profits from this?

What else?

Still Socially Distanced,



4 thoughts on “Food and The Coronavirus”

  1. Meanwhile, Western medicine (as far as I’m aware) steadfastly refuses to add ascorbic acid to whatever concoctions being pumped in to ICU-imprisoned, covid-19 patents.
    There must be some suspicions or good reasons for more than one RCT being undertaken in China, as registered here”-

    Considering that Dr Marik has enjoyed large measure of success treating sepsis patients using a mix ot Hydrocortisone, Ascorbic acid and Thiamine (‘H.A.T’.), I’d have thought at least it’s been proven safe…

    Another reference to vit C being used. As always, the Comments can be …as entertaining as yours !

  2. ” Let the buyer beware-these untested products are as likely to lower your immunity as raise it.”
    depends what this refers to – many immune-boosting products have had extensive testing, especially with regard to cold and flu or vaccine responses and few if any lower immunity.
    Examples include probiotics, sambucus, echinacea, andrographis, vitamin c, selenium.
    The evidence for some may be weaker or less consistent than for others, and the relevance to COVID-19 unknown (but likely given fast and broad immune response to COVID-19 seems to correlate with mild symptoms) but it is valid medical research, not pesudoscience, and the results trend in the right direction.
    Nestle often pronounces on things she hasn’t studied, so is still a backer of the diet-heart hypothesis.


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