Aaron Carroll Answers Forty Coronavirus Questions In Twenty-Two Minutes

In these times of great uncertainty, the public has lots of questions about the coronavirus. Finding good answers can be exhausting.

Aaron Carroll, at The Incidental Economist, is providing lots of high quality, easily digestible answers to his followers through a series of videos he has created.

I’ve been following his writing for some time and enthusiastically reviewed his book about diet and diets, The Bad Food Bible, in 2018:

I recently discovered a food/diet/nutrition book which with I almost completely agree. The author is Aaron Carroll,  a pediatrician, blogger on health care research (The incidental Economist) and a Professor of Pediatrics and Associate Dean for Research Mentoring at Indiana University School of Medicine.

He writes a regular column for the New York Times and covers various topics in health care. His articles are interesting,  very well written and researched and he often challenges accepted dogma.

Like the skeptical cardiologist, he approaches his topics from an unbiased perspective and utilizes a good understanding of the scientific technique along with a research background to bring fresh perspective to health-related topics.

Yesterday, he posted an updated video addressing 40 COVID-19 questions which may answer one of your many questions. Total duration is around 20 minutes.

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  1. The best 23 minutes I will spend online today. I appreciate your efforts to bring these resources to us..

    Thank you for sharing. Be safe and be well.


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