The Skeptical Cardiologist Has a New Website Appearance and a New Job

If you are reading this you have most likely noticed the more professional appearance of The Skeptical Cardiologist.

Hopefully this will give my website a more pleasing appearance and make it easier to navigate

Feel free to give me feedback on the new appearance. If you have sent emails to drp@theskeptical cardiologist in the last two weeks during the transition they were not coming to me but that email address should work now.

I have updated the About section to reflect that I no longer work at St. Lukes Hospital and will be starting my new cardiology practice at Saint Louis University SLUcare as a Clinical Professor of Medicine on September 1 of this year.

This change in practice represents a coming home of sorts as I did my medical school, Internal Medicine Residency, and Cardiology fellowship training at SLU and was on the faculty there until I left to take over the Echocardiographic Laboratory at The Ohio State University.

One question I’ve been asked a lot is whether my patients who choose to stay at St. Luke’s will still be able to follow my blog. The answer is “of course!” Although I started TSC to provide information to my patients my goal is to disseminate good information to all, patients and non-patients alike.

The second most-asked question is whether I will still write the blog. Of course I will for the same reasons.

During the transition followers on WordPress and my email subscribers did not get notified of my most recent post on home pulse oximetry entitled “Should You Utilize a Home Pulse Oximeter During COVID-19?”

That post begins

I had developed a mild respiratory illness, something which in happier times I would have never thought warranted home oxygen monitoring. With Covid-19, however, we know stricken individuals can precipitously develop low oxygen levels with minimal symptoms (so-called silent hypoxemia) thus I thought it would be prudent to have an oximeter around to monitor my own oxygen levels.

and ends with a request

please share with me your experiences with pulse oximetry and COVID-19 and how you monitored your questionably-COVID illnesses.

Oximetrically Yours,



2 thoughts on “The Skeptical Cardiologist Has a New Website Appearance and a New Job”

  1. Hi Dr. P,

    I was curious, are you teaching and doing research at SLU? The title
    “clinical professor” sounded more education based. I gathered you would still be practicing preventative cardiology at SLU from a previous correspondence and the blog but wasn’t sure if you were going to see less patients and dedicate more time to research or teaching.


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