Here’s A Song For A Pandemic: Wear a Mask

One of the many casualties of the pandemic has been live music. Live concerts which I was eagerly anticipating by Robyn Hitchcock at the Delmar Hall, They Might Be Giants in Chicago and Graham Nash at The Pageant were all canceled.

Until recently I hadn’t played music with anyone other than myself in 2020.

It was with great joy then that I took my acoustic guitar and my melodica with me when the Former Eternal Fiancee’ and I were invited to dinner at a fellow musician’s.

I selected three songs for us to play-

-San Francisco Bay Blues. I fell in love with Eric Clapton’s Unplugged version of this song which is just delightfully relaxed and joyful. Clapton plays kazoo on it. The song was was written and originally recorded in 1954 by Jesse Fuller, apparently a one-man band (per wikipedia-Fuller’s instruments included 6-string guitar (an instrument which he had abandoned before the beginning of his one-man band career), 12-string guitar, harmonica, kazoocymbal (high-hat) and fotdella. He could play several instruments simultaneously, particularly with the use of a headpiece to hold a harmonica, kazoo, and microphone. In addition, he would generally include at least one tap dance, soft-shoe, or buck and wing in his sets, accompanying himself on a 12-string guitar as he danced. )

-Comin’ In From Los Angeles which Arlo Guthrie played at Woodstock. The 3.5 minute segment of his performance in the movie Woodstock features about 3 minutes of lots of different hippies smoking lots of different things.

-Please Don’t Bury Me. One of several John Prine songs I learned decades ago. Here he is playing it live in 2016.

I was deeply saddened when Prine died earlier this year.

If you’re not familiar with him a good place to start is his album of duets with fantastic female singers, In Spite of Ourselves. It was his first release after successfully battling lung cancer. “The female duet partners include Iris DeMentConnie SmithLucinda WilliamsTrisha YearwoodMelba MontgomeryEmmylou HarrisDolores KeanePatty Loveless, and his wife, Fiona Prine.”

Here’s the official video for the title track he sang with the great Iris Dement.

After listening to Prine songs while preparing for our duet, my friend was inspired to write a song a la Prine about the pandemic. Like the best of real Prine songs it features humor and social commentary.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. It’s called “Wear A Mask.”

John Prine died of COVID-19 April 7, 2020.

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15 thoughts on “Here’s A Song For A Pandemic: Wear a Mask”

  1. Wonderful! I so love music and this just cracked me up! I was so sorry this year about John Prine?. And I realized I’ll likely never see any of my old bands again. But! I saw your tag to one of my favorite bands, the Talking Heads, and I immediately thought of Psycho Killer… qu’est-ce que c’est? Well, it’s a….mask!! Viva David Byrne!
    Thanks for the humor in these weird times. So nice!

      • Thanks for the link. So glad you caught that show! They are one of my fondest memories of the 70s 80s+, and I think I’ve seen most rock and blues bands since the 60s…and many blues greats in tiny venues.
        Hey, I changed my hairstyle so many times now, I don’t know what I look like!? Cheers!

  2. Thank. You for sharing this with us. I, myself, am a HUGE fan of the late John Prine. My heart still aches over his passing. Unfortunately, I am still so angry about the circumstances of his death. Anger is toxic, but I can’t forgive at this time. RIP, Mr Prine.?

    • Laura,
      Thanks. I’m adding your comment to the comment carousel at the bottom of the page I like it so much!

  3. LOL–excellent!
    I only just got to see Prine live for the first time last year. What a warm and wonderful musical personality he was–R.I.P.


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