If You Don’t Wear A Mask-The Video

In a post on the death of John Prine and the absence of live music during the pandemic, I included a humorous song my friend Doug had created.

Subsequently, he has created this humorous video.

It’s meant as a public service message:

Help stop the spread. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated. Avoid indoor gatherings.


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7 thoughts on “If You Don’t Wear A Mask-The Video”

  1. Sorry. I believe the virus is real. But I don’t believe in the preventative measures. I don’t and won’t: wear a mask. Get vaccinated. Avoid indoor gatherings. I accept the risks. I will free, or I will die. I’m going to die eventually anyway, and if I die young, it’s God’s will, but I will die free and not subject to any man made restrictions on my freedom of choice. God gave me free will, and I intend to exercise it. I WILL NOT COMPLY.

    • As this review (https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02801-8)of the science concludes
      most scientists are confident that they can say something prescriptive about wearing masks. It’s not the only solution, says Gandhi, “but I think it is a profoundly important pillar of pandemic control”.
      “Across the United States, mask use has held steady around 50% since late July. This is a substantial increase from the 20% usage seen in March and April, according to data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington in Seattle (see go.nature.com/30n6kxv). The institute’s models also predicted that, as of 23 September, increasing US mask use to 95% — a level observed in Singapore and some other countries — could save nearly 100,000 lives in the period up to 1 January 2021.

      “There’s a lot more we would like to know,” says Vos, who contributed to the analysis. “But given that it is such a simple, low-cost intervention with potentially such a large impact, who would not want to use it?”

    • I am all for personal liberty and free choice. But I do believe that individuals do not have the right to endangers others. Are you willing to sign a waiver refusing medical services if you do become ill with Covid so that you do not endanger our front line medical workers who are risking their own personal health and safety to care for us?

      • Agree. In addition, If you don’t wear a mask you could kill your granny and any number of at risk individuals you come into contact with.
        And if you are OK with any disease that you develop because God must have given it to you then I presume you won’t be going to the ER when you develop a heart attack or seeking medical attention for large malignant masses that develop in your organs.

    • Please go without a mask and hang out with others that have the same belief. But you have no right to infect others (don’t go in public places). Also if you do get sick because of your (lack of) action, you should not be allowed to be treated before others who have been careful and followed the science and medical recommendations.

    • In other words, people must protect themselves from you? It’s all about you? Your freedom of choice endangers other peoples’ health, and even their lives. Have you never put others’ welfare above your own preference for risking early death? The simple measures of avoiding indoor gatherings, getting vaccinated, and wearing a mask for a few months would shorten the length of this pandemic and lower the risk of illness and death to countless lives across our entire planet. Or perhaps peoples’ lives have no value and you view this as a good method for reducing overpopulation?


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