Diet and Heart Disease

Toxicity of Sugar

Added Sugar Is Everywhere: Why and How to Avoid

More Evidence That Sugar is the Major Toxin in our Diets

Lack of Evidence Supporting Low Total or Saturated Fat Diets

Dietary Fat doesn’t cause heart disease or obesity

Low Carb Diet Superior to Low Fat Diet

Don’t Worry About Dietary Cholesterol

Eating eggs doesn’t raise your risk of heart disease

Shellfish and Shrimp

Dairy Fat and Cardiovascular Disease

Yogurt and your heart

Organic Milk



 Bacon, Jambon and Processed Meat


Is Bacon As Dangerous as Cigarette Smoking?

Candied Bacon Is An Abomination

Jambon Iberico and the Mediterannean Diet

4 thoughts on “Diet and Heart Disease”

  1. Hi. Fascinating site, Anthony. Thank you!
    FYI, the wording for the link to the article on Low Carb vs. Low Fat diets on this page: says “Low Fat Diet Superior to Low Carb Diet”. Pretty sure you wanted that to be the other way around.
    Also on the “About” page, it is not easy to find your Name. Appreciate the humility, but it would look good right after the big About page title.

    1. Lee,

      thanks for the careful reading there. I fixed that title.
      Re putting my name out there. It is very easy to find out who I am, especially since MedPage today has been republishing my posts with my name right next to them. I was seeking some anonymity initially but I have also been criticized for being anonymous. I’m going to put my name in there now.

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