Dr. Pearson’s Recommendations on Diet: What Diet Is Best 2018

Why I Recommend the Mediterranean Diet

Michael Pollan’s NYT article (2007). Eat Food. Mostly Plants. Not Too Much.



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    • If I were a mouse I would definitely ask for some but ototoxicity that occurs with currently available 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin precludes its long-term use to treat atherosclerosis
      More research needed

      • thanks so much for your reply. My CAC is >1000 though every other test including nuke stress is pretty close to perfect, total cholesterol 130 and bp 120/75. 72 years old. Perhaps the answer to my cryptogenic stroke that had me in hosp for a week, after going down on the tennis court, resides in brain vascular deterioration due to long term Lyme? (The Lyme has already produced peripheral neuropathy and very serious Bell’s Palsy—-I was an “early adopter” of Lyme in the 1980’s, untreated until 2001)

        Keep up the good work. Your piece on Calcium was the first morsel of reality on this topic I’ve ever tasted!!!

        Lowell Miller

        P.S. BTW, I believe there is a version developed or being developed that avoids the ototoxicity

  1. If red wine is potentially protective against heart disease, why is it ok for a person without heart disease to have a 5 oz glass daily, but those with existing heart disease should avoid it?

    • Patients with heart disease can have one glass of alcohol daily.
      The only patients I would caution against alcohol in moderation are those with heart failure, especially if there is evidence that there heart failure was caused by alcohol and heart failure patients who are not doing well and those with atrial fibrillation.
      I indicated in an earlier post that the risk of recurrent afib goes up with increasing alcohol concentration whereas CAD risks go down until about 2-3 drinks per day.
      Patients with coronary disease can drink alcohol in moderation without concerns

  2. Thanks. This was a nice summary of recommendations I have accumulated over the years. I especially like the fact that my use of 2% milk and butter will alleviate my occasional guilt for consumption of the same.


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