2 thoughts on “Atrial Fibrillation And Stroke”

  1. What about paroxysmal atrial fib, normal heart, liw cholesterol of 150, low bp 100/68, no diabetes. Not obese. Women of 66 with L-thyroxine treated hypothyroidism. Walks two miles a day. Normal echocardiogram
    Recent dx of ductal carcinoma insitu and lumpectomy.
    She is in Eliquis.
    What next? Is there a non drug way? The EP cardiologist wants to add Flecainide.

    1. Teepu,
      I hope soon to publish my post on maintaining normal rhythm for afibbers. It is a complicated topic.
      A common question is “is there anything I can do?”
      Recent evidence suggests that if you are overweight, losing 10% of body weight helps lower recurrence of AF.
      If drinking more than 1 alcoholic beverage today you should cut down. Make sure your thyroid levels are normal, your potassium is >4 and your magnesium >1.9
      Be aware of personal triggers: most of the time afib begins randomly but for some a specific good, or caffeinated beverage or a very stressful experience will set off AF.
      If episodes begin during sleep, consider testing for sleep apnea.
      If considering drug therapy, flecainide is a good choice for you as your heart is structurally normal. Well tolerated, no long term side effects and reasonably effective. You should get some assessment for coronary artery disease prior to starting.

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