Sugar as Toxin: Avoiding Added Sugar, Fructose and Stealth Sugar

More evidence that sugar is the major toxin in our diet

Fructose as toxin and the ubiquity of added sugar

Smoothies are conveyors of sugar masquerading as healthy drinks

Sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening, sugar at supper time. How we have grown accustomed to added sugar and may not notice it in our food.

Are you fed up with sugar? Discussion of the movie documentary “Fed Up”

8 thoughts on “Sugar as Toxin: Avoiding Added Sugar, Fructose and Stealth Sugar”

  1. Dr. Lustig, I’m an AES member and noticed you are speaking next year at our scientific meeting on Cariology and Cardiology. Is there a systemic link between decay and heart disease? I would love your thoughts or can you direct me to some information sources? Many Thanks Jay Shires, DDS

  2. In the what diet is best for heart health pdf under “Sugar is the major toxic in most peoples diets..” the last sentence is The major source of refined carbohydrates in the American diet is
    whole-grain bread and pasta and potatoes
    Did you mean processed flour rather than whole-grain?

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