5 thoughts on “The Problem with Supplements, Herbs, and Vitamins”

    1. You have fallen for the life extension pseudoscience writing style. I wrote about these snake oil salesman (and they have lots of different snake oil to sell you) in my post entitled Life Extension Foundation for Longer Life: Would you like some snake oil with your redundancy?
      With regard to homocysteine levels and folate/B vitamin supplementation- A study of over 5000 patients in 2006 called the HOPE study put the nail in the coffin for this theory. Prior to that study based on strong observational data I was checking homocysteine levels on my patients and supplementing with folate those who had low levels.
      Since that study, I and other cardiologists (with the exception of those who are obsessed with measuring multiple questionable blood tests and those who stand to profit from supplement sales) have stopped either measuring homocysteine or supplementing with folate.

    1. I wrote about turmeric in my first Snake Oil Du Jour posting.
      I’ll give you my take on CoQ 10 right now: Heavily promoted by the snake oil industry with very little scientific support. I have used it at times in patients with statin myopathies but have not found it helpful. I’m putting together a post on America’s #1 Quack Cardiologist which will cover CoQ10. Does anyone care to guess who I have selected for this honor?

      1. Dr. Oz is my guess. Heck you may have already written and published the post by now, but I stumbled on this post/comments and wanted to respond…is there a prize? (Kidding!)

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