Julie H

Thanks as always for continuing to watch for new ways for patients to better understand their heart rhythms, and to better communicate their concerns and progress with their doctor.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blog… It is so generous of you to take the time writing it, with so much detail, and such fascinating topics.

I could never cope as well with my heart disease without your thoughtful and exhaustive analysis and comments.

Your blog entries provide me with much needed reassurance, and a rich trove of information that my cardiologist never has time to explain…

One example: i was not aware that uncoated ASA (…as opposed to the universal “enteric coated” ASA) is the real deal for secondary prevention, and no one ever told me that in case of a heart attack one should chew on a 325 mg ASA tablet…

Like you, I am a scientist, and I DO appreciate your weighing of evidence in your discussions.

Your blog improves my quality of life, my knowledge, and confidence…

I can not thank you enough for that…




First of all thank you so much for your articles. As an engineer (and a hopeless skeptic myself) I find your information absolutely fascinating and extraordinarily helpful due to their practical and data-driven nature.


you offer two important services via your blog.

First, you have taken the time to explain — in understandable ways — conditions, testing, etc. that impact real people. Knowledge can be so reassuring — it is the unknown that terrifies our hearts (sometimes quite literally!).
Second and maybe even more important, you are training people to think critically.