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Welcome to the website of the skeptical cardiologist.

Here we provide readers and patients with unbiased and science-based answers to questions about cardiovascular disease.

You won’t find any creepy, crawly ads or clickbait on this site and all the content is either written by me or solicited by me from valuable contributors.

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I started writing this blog in 2013 initially focusing on correcting inaccurate nutritional recommendations but have subsequently moved into multiple areas where some light needed shining.

My two major clinical focuses are

  1. Preventive cardiology. I want to empower patients to better appreciate their risks for heart attack and stroke and make lifestyle changes and/or start medications to eliminate the need for stents, bypass operations or other interventions.

Best starting points for are these pages

Early Detection Of Heart Disease

The Ultimate Guide To The Coronary Artery Calcium Scan

Diet and Heart Disease

Statin Drugs

Hypertension: Best Methods for Monitoring, Devices, Goals, and Treatment

          2. Enlightened medical management of atrial fibrillation. Preventing stroke and improving long term outcomes in this increasingly common heart rhythm abnormality without resorting to complex procedural interventions.

The best starting point for learning about atrial fibrillation and stroke is here.

I also have a major interest in using wearables and personal ECG devices to empower patients and improve cardiovascular outcomes with my collection of posts here.

My bio can be found here.

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Legitimate criticism of my viewpoints is welcome.

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